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On the Bus

WHO IS Transit Insurance Group?

Transit Insurance Group is a Not-for-Profit, Captive Insurance Company Domiciled in Vermont owned by Public Transit


What We Offer?

  • Idea and Risk Management synergy.​​

  • Access to additional limits through independent memberships in multiple cells if desired.

  • Reduction of administrative cost and time.

  • Resource Sharing.

Join or Form a Captive

  • TIG is owned by Political Subdivision Public Transits.​​

  • It is a Captive Insurance Company.

  • No procurement is necessary.

  • Apply For Membership in an existing cell or form your own.

  • Members will need to adopt an Intergovernmental Participation Agreement.​​

  • Members will need to create their own sponsored cell captive or participate in an already created sponsored cell under TIG.

Join or Form a Captive

Overview of Cells

  • Each protected captive "cell" formed is a completely unique company/captive, there is no sharing of risk or liabilities of any kind between cells.​​

  • All cells must be comprised of public transit entities.

  • The sponsor provides admin services and is not-for-profit. All vendors are chosen at TIG through open procurement.​​

  • Captives will be domiciled in Vermont.

Governance of Cells

  • Each cell has a unique board with one Vermont director. All other directors are determined by the by-laws of that captive.​​

  • Each cell receives operational services from TIG. TIG performs complete procurements. 

  • Each cell procures their own unique services under a structure the cell board determines.​​

  • Each cell has its own business plan, board policies, collateral and bylaws.

Meet the Board
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Barbara Rhoades.jpg

Barbara J. Rhoades


Ohio Transit Risk Pool, CEO

Logo JPG-- 05-17-02.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-01-18 at 3.44.41 PM.png

Joseph G. Dekoning

Vice President

Michigan Transit Pool

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Image for Transitre site_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Patrick Theriault

Managing Director

Strategic Risk Solutions, Vermont Manager


Transit Insurance Group Independent Cells

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Reliable source of liability and property reinsurance for public transit pools and transit agencies. To learn more about TransitRE Visit their site at 

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